Replica bags of famous brands are popular among people all around the world. You can easily find many cheap and high-quality replica designer handbags online.

Whether you want to wholesale replica bags for your business or just buy several for personal use, most importantly you should find a reliable supplier who can reach your requirements among so many websites of fake designer bags.

Here, I’ll give you the most informative guide. Don’t miss it, let’s dive in now.

NOTE: We just provide useful information for your reference, but we won’t offer any service for replica bags. 

1.Why Replica Designer Bags from China are the best?

Almost 90% of replica designer bags in the world are from China. You can find many Chinese suppliers specializing in replica designer bags easily, including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, etc.

The replica designer bags industry has been around in China for a long time. There is a complete production chain of replica bags in China. And the replica bag factories are mainly situated in Guangdong, Baigou, Fujian.

These replica bag factories have developed from small workshops to large-scaled factories gradually. And their craftsmanship is more advanced and the quality of replica bags they produce now is better than 10 years ago, which can even mix with the genuine.

We all know that producing or selling replica designer products is illegal. So how do these large-scale replica bags factories in China avoid the inspection and grow their businesses?

In fact, imitating the bag styles is not strictly supervised in China. According to Chinese law, the final departments that put these pieces together are criminal. Thus, the bags’ pieces are usually produced in the large-scale factories, while logos are produced in the small factories, and then these pieces are put together in the covert and small workshops.

Moreover, there is the largest replica bag market in China—Guangzhou Baiyun Leatherware Wholesale Market. There are various replica designer handbag suppliers in this market, who can provide you replica bags of many different luxury brands and qualities.

2.Four International Wholesale Websites to Find Fake Designer Bags

There are so many wholesale websites in China. And if you want to wholesale fake designer bags, you can also try some of them. Except for bags, you can also buy different replicas such as watches, clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. from these wholesale replica websites.

Here are the 4 websites I recommend for you to wholesale fake designer bags:

If buying from Alibaba, you need to meet a MOQ set by suppliers on it, which is usually high and not so easy to lower. And in comparison to DHgate, most replica bag suppliers on Alibaba don’t display detailed product listings on their shops. Usually, they just show their product categories or brands in a picture with texts only.

Besides, you can hardly find a specific product or high-definition pictures of the real products on the detail page. If you want to know more information, you need to discuss the details with them via WeChat, WhatsApp, or phone.

If you want to wholesale replica bags in a large quantity, you can try Made in China or Global Sources. Most replica bag suppliers on the 2 platforms have higher MOQ, which is about 300 pcs-500pcs. You can see some pictures or videos of the products but they don’t show any logos of the bags, either. Thus, you still need to contact the suppliers to know the details directly.

3. The Chinese Retail Website I Want to Recommend—AliExpress

If you want to buy counterfeit bags for personal use, I recommend you to use AliExpress.

You can see more product listings in the replica bag suppliers’ stores on AliExpress. Some suppliers also provide high-definition pictures of the actual products but they won’t show the bag brands or logo printing. The prices vary from different suppliers. The same style of the replica bags can range from $60 to $300, which may have diverse quality.

Besides, you’re not allowed to send any brand names or pictures of the branded bags to the sellers on AliExpress. Thus, the suppliers usually leave the WhatsApp or other social media accounts for you to contact them.

You can also read some customer reviews to help you identify the sellers in AliExpress. There are some pictures of the actual products with logos from the customers in the feedback.

4. The best independent online Website of Replica Designer Bags You Can Try

I listed a independent online store for your reference, and they can deliver to worldwide.  is specialized in a great variety of replica products including replica designer bags such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Fendi, Dior, Celine replica bags.

You can find some detailed pictures of the real products on xsreps. The prices of these replica bags range from $150 to $600.

Moreover, they also provide wholesale services. But you need to contact them to discuss the wholesale prices and other details.

According to our investigation, most of their clients are satisfying with their purchase from xsreps. And their customer service are top among the sellers.

5. How to Search for Replica Bag Sellers on Wholesale Websites?

Although there are kinds of replica designer bags on the wholesale websites, you can hardly find the products you want by searching the brand names directly due to the property rights policy.

You can use some keywords like “famous brand designer bags” “luxury designer bags” “Europe luxury brand” and more. Then you can find many replica bags to choose from.

If you want to find a specific brand of bags, you can use the abbreviation or the initial letter of the brand. For instance, to find replica Chanel bags, you can search for “CC” or “Double C”; to find replica Prada bags, you can search for “pra”, etc.

However, this may be not available on every website. You need to try in different ways and choose the right keywords on these wholesale websites.

6. Four Grades of Replica Designer Bags You Should Know

Many replica designer bags almost look the same but they have totally different prices. Why is this?

Actually, the replica bags are produced with different materials, leather, and craftsmanship, etc., so they can be divided into 4 grades based on these factors:

B Grade

The B-grade bags are low-end because they have cheap materials and rough craftsmanship. They only have similar styles and logos to the original one. It’s extremely easy to find the distinctions between the fake one and the real one, like the logos’ difference.

Thus, they are cheaper and mostly sold to students. But compared with the general leather bags, they’re still more exquisite.

A Grade

A-grade bags are produced totally based on the sizes and craftsmanship of the original bags. To save costs, the main body of these bags is made of average-quality leather or produced with rough craftsmanship. For instance, you may find differences in the stitching of the bags. The prices of A-grade bags are not high, which are about $40-$50. The main market is Africa, Asia, etc.

Ultra A Grade

Ultra A grade is also named AAA grade. The main parts of AAA replica designer handbags are made of high-end specialized leather, while the handles are made of leather which will change color in a short time because of oxidation.

Moreover, the materials inside the bags are almost the same as the original bags. Besides, the hardware and accessories also have high quality, but they are different from the original materials and they tend to oxidize and rust after a period of time. We can only find the differences through some details such as the stitching, the lining, or the logo printing, etc.

These replica bags are mainly popular among office workers or people who have high demand. The main market is America, Canada, Europe, etc.

1:1 Grade

The materials of 1:1 Grade replica bags are 99% close to the original materials, which are mainly from Europe and Japan. They also have the best craftsmanship among the four grades. Thus, this is the most expensive category, and the price can be 10 times higher than the B-grades.

The factories buy authentic designer bags and measure every part of the bags accurately. After that, they can produce replica bags totally based on the authentic ones. You can hardly tell any tiny differences between these replica bags and the real bags. Maybe only the experts can do that.

7. How to Identify Reliable Replica Bags Suppliers Online?

The replica designer bag business is complicated. In fact, not only replica designer bags, so are replica designer jewelry accessories and shoes.

It’s hard to tell if the partner is the right one for you just from their introduction or the product pictures, and. For instance, it can cost only $30 to make an LV Neverfull, and it can also cost $100-$150 to produce the same one.

If you don’t demand too much, but just need similar styles of replica bags, then the products of a few dozens of dollars to more than one hundred dollars can reach your requirements.

However, if you want 100% the same materials, leather, accessories, logo printing, and lining as the original products, then the prices will be much higher.

Thus, it’s hard to judge the quality of a product totally according to its price. We are not sure that the higher prices are, the better the products are. Plus, some people in the replica business may sell seconds at the best quality prices. So for every newcomer, I recommend you to find some suppliers and buy a sample of every style to have a check.

Based on the experience, many high-quality designer replica bag factories will not produce products of different brands simultaneously, for example, the factory concentrating on Chanel bags may not produce Gucci bags.

But if you need bags of other designer brands, they can usually introduce other suppliers to you, or they will act as the sale agents. Actually, these suppliers are acquainted with each other in this industry.

About Shipping

The replica products infringe copyright laws so the suppliers always have their special channels during international transportation. You don’t need to worry about it because they can deal with everything for you. Many suppliers with relatively large-scale businesses have their sale agents abroad. For instance, almost all the small wholesale replica bag suppliers have cooperated with Chinese factories.

8. Why are there few products and little information in these online Replica Bag Stores?

Although you can find a lot of replica bag sellers, the information about the replica products is always simple and undetailed. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they’re unreliable.

Actually, it’s illegal to sell replica products and there is a strict regulation policy against fake products, especially on regular websites like Alibaba, AliExpress, etc. If the suppliers sell replica designer bags on the websites, their stores will be risky of closing down.

Thus, they won’t display the real products on the platforms in order to avoid punishment. Usually, you need to contact them in other chatting apps.

In the End

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